[Etoys] Progress/Status Translation

Gerhard Steiner gerhard.steiner at duichwir.at
Fri Apr 11 12:35:14 EDT 2008

Sorry for all the noise, sometimes I simply forget that I'm only here for translating and that 
I communicate with highly engaged people who mostly also spend their spare time. 
I have to thank that I got so much response/help and I have to apologize for bothering. 
Hopefully I have learned my lesson.

It would be very kind if you can inlude a short hint on etoys-wiki next to the image-download-link 
that people like me should not forget to also check trunk for the latest changes. 

kind regards
Gerhard steiner


You are simply too impatient ;-)

Nothing is actually broken, as you noticed yourself, downloading the  
zip files as they are and using them works fine. Only when a new  
release is made, the directory will be renamed to match the new code.

These zip files are simply a convenience for users. If you do load  
updates manually, then you also need to update the other files like  
projects, guides, translations, etc, by using the latest from the  
subversion repository:


As you can see, the directory has been renamed in the trunk already.  
Most of the time simply updating will work, but currently we have the  
situation that you absolutely need the very latest to get back to a  
sane setup.


- Bert -

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