[Etoys] [Squeakland] Etoys by Example

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Thu Apr 10 23:33:13 EDT 2008

  Hi, Joe,

> I'm sure that "Etoys by Example" does not exist. I know that it
> would be as much work as "Squeak by Example", but I think it's a
> worthy endeavor.  Teachers should have all the information on Etoys
> in one place with plenty of examples of how to use each object.

  One of such things would be the QuickGuide help system that comes
with Etoys.  Open it and click on the question mark button.  There are
bunch of tools explained in the interactive way.

> Finally I think that sticking to book form works best with grade and
> middle school teachers, web pages are great but traditional books will
> be better received in that community. The most important thing is to
> promote Etoys in the learning environment, and dispel the confusion (
> which I have personally encountered )
> So what do you think?
> How do we get this off the ground?

  At least I think we can soon officially release the Squeakland-OLPC.

> Slightly less frustrated

  That's good; but please remember that you frustrated many others by
starting the thread with a claim like "eToys dead".

-- Yoshiki

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