[Etoys] quitting from etoys

Eben Eliason eben at laptop.org
Thu Apr 10 11:17:50 EDT 2008

>  >  A nice compromise (besides obviously speeding up the saving) may be to
>  >  hide the saving - just close the window so it looks like Etoys was
>  >  stopped, but continue to save in the background. We could even display
>  >  the progress of this in the Journal, just like Browse does while
>  >  downloading.
>  Yes, that seems like an excellent idea.

Yes, this is definitely a direction worth exploring further. When
designing the "in progress" visual for Journal entries, it was
definitely my intent to support save operations in addition to
downloads and copies (https://dev.laptop.org/ticket/2555#comment:1). I
have also reported a bug on the time taken to stop activities in
general, arguing myself that it's the perceived speed that really
matters in this case, and stopping an activity should feel
instantaneous (https://dev.laptop.org/ticket/2523).  Feel free to add
comments to either of these tickets; I'd really like to make this
approach common practice.

- Eben

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