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Joe Apuzzo japuzzo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 17:42:11 EDT 2008

So what is becoming obvious to me is the lack of Etoys information in
one place, like "Squeak by Example" book is.

I'm sure that "Etoys by Example" does not exist. I know that it would be
as much work as "Squeak by Example", but I think it's a worthy endeavor.
Teachers should have all the information on Etoys in one place with
plenty of examples of how to use each object. Also geared towards
Teaching and Teachers not programmers as it's counterpart is.
Finally I think that sticking to book form works best with grade and
middle school teachers, web pages are great but traditional books will
be better received in that community. The most important thing is to
promote Etoys in the learning environment, and dispel the confusion (
which I have personally encountered )

So what do you think?
How do we get this off the ground?

Slightly less frustrated

Joseph Apuzzo

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