[Etoys] So what does everyone use in the classroom?

Joe Apuzzo japuzzo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 07:35:18 EDT 2008

Ok, so eToys is dead as OLPC has replaced it.
Since I am in USA we do not have access to OLPC in the classroom.

What is the best alternative to eToys that is similar?
(needs to run on Mac and Windows)

Thank you for your assistance

Korakurider wrote:
> Why you state eToys dead?
> Yes, the download kit on squeakland would be stable one. (the latest
> version is squeakland2005)
> But we have been working very hard on improvement for OLPC etoys (so
> many updates :-)  and we will be able to use of the result on non-OLPC
> platform (next version of squeakland - will be called as "Squeakland
> OLPC")
> /Korakurider
> On 4/7/08, Joe Apuzzo <japuzzo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> With eToys dead ( not updated in over 2 years )
>> And no books in print.
>> What have teachers replaced eToys with? ( seeing that Squeak is a dead
>> language )
>> Joe Apuzzo
>> Gnu_Joe
>> www.mhvlug.org
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