[Etoys] [BUG]KeyboardMorphForInput

karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Thu Sep 20 07:24:35 EDT 2007

Yoshiki Ohshima wrote:
>   Karl,
>> Playing with the ScorePlayerMorph I found a bug. Open a ScorePlayer, the 
>> click on the PianoRoll button and then click on the PianoRollScore and 
>> select 'addKeyboard' from the popup menu. The keyboard that pops up 
>> can't be dissmissed by the dismiss handle.
>   For the OLPC, we apparently haven't get around fixing ScorePlayer
> and friends.  Many things just don't work.  We might have to consider
> to hide it from Object Catalog...
I agree the ScorePlayer and friends are in a bad shape. Many of the 
features are well hidden and hard to use.

I have been fixing some stuff in these classes over the last few days 
and I try to bring the tools to a state where I at least get them to 
work without too many DNU's. I have also changed the font for most of 
the tools to the Etoys font. I'll probably wrap up all the changes and 
fixes in a big change set and mail it to the list, since a lot of 
changes overlap and are dependent of each other.

One issue I was pondering over is that is really hard to import sound 
into Squeak. It seems that no sound format other than mp3 is recognized 
with drag and drop. Squeak can read AIFF, WAV, and a few other formats 
but it's no obvious tool support.


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