[Etoys] #2133 BLOC Trial-3: Switch etoys to gettext translations

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Mon Sep 17 16:57:51 EDT 2007

Bert Freudenberg wrote:
> On Sep 17, 2007, at 22:20 , Takashi Yamamiya wrote:
>> But what's the point of using in runtime? Maybe I would miss something...
> As I wrote before - so someone can add (and test!) translations without 
> rebuilding the image. This makes it much easier and more rewarding to 
> translators.
> - Bert -

For me, using gettext tool more is more scary than staying Smalltalk
world, and testing po file is easy enough for user if we provide
a simple UI (just connecting mime-type for .po with GetTextImporter).
But maybe I need to learn more about gettext tools...

- Takashi

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