[Etoys] viewer for Morph

Scott Wallace scott.wallace at squeakland.org
Sat Sep 15 01:14:18 EDT 2007

Thanks, Antonio.

This is now fixed, in an update we'll hold off publishing until after  
the current olpc code-freeze for trial-3 is lifted.

Note, however, that this issue relates only to the "generic Viewer"  
feature, i.e. a Viewer whose target is not a Player object, but  
rather any arbitrary object.  The debug halo menu that contains this  
menu item is only available in non-eToyFriendly mode, so the kids  
won't encounter it.

When the non-eToyFriendly user chooses this item, it's a *morph*,  
rather than its associated player, which is viewed.  But one could as  
easily open a Viewer on a Point or on a Form or on any other object  
(e.g. "(3 at 4 extent: 5 at 6) beViewed" -- but only try this after the fix  
appears in the public update stream)  This was an exploration into  
how the etoy Viewer/Scriptor interface and the Smalltalk IDE's code/ 
state tools (e.g. browser, lexicon, inspector) might converge.   
Though this avenue has been explored somewhat further in our  
internal, experimental update stream, it is still little more than an  
"existence proof" at this point.  Still, it's not good to have a menu  
item whose use invariably drops you into a debugger, so the fix will  
appear in the update stream soon.

Thanks again, and cheers,

   -- Scott

On Sep 14, 2007, at 12:52 AM, antonio wrote:

> Hello
> At etoys-dev-2.1-1635;
> With an EllipseMorph instance (0r PolygonMorph, or CurveMorph...),
> Menu  button / debug... / viewer for Morph
> Regards
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