[Etoys] Accents in Etoys fonts

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Thu Sep 13 14:44:10 EDT 2007


>     In the XO trial in Porto Alegre, we are starting a systematic use of 
> eToys with the students. In this moment we are working with children 
> from the 3th and 4th grades, but very soon we will start with older 
> students.

  Good and scary!

>     We are experiencing several problems, from the noisy touchpad to the 
> machine performance (children have B2-7 with 128mb of RAM), what makes 
> the use of etoys sometimes very slow. But since these are problems 
> specific of this version of the laptop prototype, we hope they will be 
> solved in the near future when final version of the machine become 
> available.

  On a machine with 128MB of memory with Sugar and OS taking so much
memory, Etoys has some hard time.  On the later machine, it is much
nicer.  And, the faster processor always helps^^;

>     But now, there is a eToys related issue that sometimes makes the 
> children very frustrated that is the absence of accents in the text 
> object. Portuguese is a language that makes heavily use of accents, and 
> children don't understands why is impossible to create words without them.

  There is already some discussion about this issue on the trac, but
it is a problem with VM and also the image.  Once VM passes the
keycode for these accents to the image, then the image has to combine
them when appropriate.

-- Yoshiki

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