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  ChangeLog        |  232 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 
  Content.revision |    2 +-
  NEWS             |   71 +++++++++++++++++
  etoys.spec       |   72 +++++++++++++++++-
  4 files changed, 375 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
commit 3bd61a5c553cba4f95676fc1412b7fa2e4a195f3
Author: Takashi Yamamiya <tak at metatoys.org>
Date:   Fri Sep 7 16:48:51 2007 -0700

     - 2.1.1605-1
     - Content Rev. 36
     - 1605trimReleaseBuilder-tak.cs: Remove some projects in the image,
       and trim verbose messages.
     - 1604EmptyConditional-yo.cs: Make Sexp form work when testPart is
     - 1603SISSFuncTiles-yo.cs: Make FunctionTiles work with SISS file
     - 1602keepPrj-bf.cs: Update the current project in journal on  
       save copy on keep button press.
     - 1601initialBalloonHelp-yo.cs: For the initial project, this
       changeset adds explaination on where to start.
     - 1600flapFix-bf.cs: Fix a DNU when there is no current SugarNavBar
     - 1599Repaint-size-tk.cs: Bug from Kathleen Harness: If a  
       is shrunk down to a small size, and you repaint, the original  
       can be cut off by the painting area.
     - 1598helpIcon2-tak.cs: Better color of help icon.
     - 1597RelBuilderForSqLand-yo.cs: A release builder setting for a
       non-OLPC release.
     - 1596helpIcon-tak.cs: An icon for Etoys Quick Guide.
     - 1595nonSugarSuppliesTab2-yo.cs: Make Red old Supplies tab show  
       sugarNavigator is false.
     - 1594nonSugarSuppliesTab-yo.cs: Make Red old Supplies tab show  
       sugarNavigator is false.
     - 1593tabsClearSugarBar-sw.cs: In lining up flap-tabs along the  
       edge of the screen, start *below* the sugar-nav-bar if the
       sugarNavigator preference is on.
     - 1592redSuppliesInEvtTh-sw.cs: Position the supplies tab in non- 
       evt theatre properly.  Requires a change to the
       newSuppliesFlapFromQuads:positioning: method from Yoshiki before
       this all comes together...
     - 1591jpegExt-bf.cs: Add JPE as supported jpeg extension as  
       for issues 3163 and 3164
     - 1590noInteractionSaving-yo.cs: Add a way to save a project  
       any interaction.  Also, remove the menu bar from the generated
     - 1589stickyGuides-sw.cs: Make the Guides cards in the Help flap be
     - 1588veraSansForEtoys-tak.cs: Choose BitstreamVeraSans for Etoys.
     - 1587flexibleEtoysFont-tak.cs: Makes tile and viewer layout to fit
       with various font sizes.
     - 1586moreRotationFixes-sw.cs: Fixes two more bugs arising from  
     - 1585littleOops-sw.cs: Removes a snippet of debugging code
       inadvertently lingering in update 1580sugarSupplies..
     - 1584evtTheatreSugarFlaps-sw.cs: Complete the porting of
       sugar-nav-bar and sugar-supplies-bin changes in the outer UI  
to the
       flaps used on the edge of an event theatre.
     - 1583fixDupHelpMsg-sw.cs: Fix the help message for the green
       'duplicate' halo handle so that it doesn't mislead about siblings
       when that's not an option.
     - 1582sugarNavsViewer-sw.cs: Make some of the sugar navigator- 
bar menu
       items available in its viewer.
     - 1581noAutoFlap-sw.cs: Stop automatically putting up help-flaps  
       recording-controls, event theatre, and event roll.
     - 1580sugarSupplies-sw.cs: Special buttons for controlling the
       supplies flap and the flap accommodating the QuickGuide.
     - 1579scriptorHeaderLook-sw.cs: Proposed tweaks to the scriptor
     - 1578variableSpacer-sw.cs: Adds a generic variable transparent  
       that is halo-shy.
     - 1577chooseGraphicFix-sw.cs: Fixes the bug that a second  
request for
       'choose new graphic' for a sketchMorph for which a graphical-menu
       was already put up (in place of the original sketch) would  
       an error.
     - 1576sugarBtnBorder-yo.cs: Fix the background color problem
       introduced by the canvas tranclucent change.

U    Content/etoys.image
Updated to revision 36.

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