[Etoys] Next milestone

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Oct 30 13:40:33 EDT 2007

The next OLPC milestone has been renamed to "Update.1". See Walter's  
message here:


Ivan explained the new build process here:


For us this means we need to get in all the features we envision for  
the Update.1 build *this week*, but we will have another few weeks  
for debugging and testing. The build is expected to ship December 1st  
and will be recommended to recipients of the XO for immediate  
upgrade. The build after that (Update.2) is targeted for end of January.

All Trac tickets were moved in bulk to Update.2, we need to go  
through manually and reassign to Update.1 all tickets we can  
reasonably expect to get done now.

I went through some of them and reassigned to Update.1 those I  
thought are already fixed, and those that are really important to get  
in. Please do likewise.

- Bert -

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