[Etoys] [FIX]Handle sizes

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 24 02:29:59 EDT 2007

[Etoys] [FIX]Handle sizes

Hi Yoshiki,

Stars are drawn starting at an inner corner and the
handle is placed on the first outer corner.

When stars are redrawn the first inner corner restarts
from the corner at the smallest angle. So if you twist
a star through say a half turn then pick it up and put
it down. It gets redrawn and the outer handles
location changes points to be back near the left.  At
least that’s what I remember. Actual details may be
slightly different. The jist should be correct.

When I did my iteration to unleash stars I considered
this a bug and fixed it.  I had the star start on an
outer handle and made the redrawing always start at
that point. This stablized the handles quite nicely.



General index to my work stored on the superswiki is
Goodies from Jerome Peace

I will point out that the star code can be adopted for
the fixes and you can throttle back the menu and
handle abilities until you emulate what is there now.
You still would get the fixes.

Yours in service and curiosity, --Jerome Peace


>Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org 
>Wed Oct 17 16:25:45 EDT 2007 
>  For unrelated note, I discovered that if you show
the handles for a
>Star, resize it by the "outside" handle and then
click on somewhere in
>the Star, the position of outside handle changes.  Do
you know why
>that is?
>-- Yoshiki

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