[Etoys] VM and accents with linux

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Wed Oct 17 15:32:10 EDT 2007


  The C library part I don't quite know the difference, but it appears
that you managed to install a VM based on 3.9-12.  I don't know if it
is straight from "trunk", or the olpc branch, but it must be a version
of VM that generates the keyboard event in the "new way".

> anyway I have installed the new VM and there are a problem: now I can open by menu the files named with accents, but:
> - I can't drag and drop (really it happen I think -there aren't error message- but nothing appear in the world)

  Not quite sure about this.  Is there a difference when the file name
contains accented characters or not?

> - I can't write accented words anyplace, neither our spanish ñ.
> I suppose there are differents problems.

  In the very latest Etoys 2.2, there are a few change sets that
adapts the new VM.  The cursor keys don't work and we probably need
another VM fix for that, but accented characters should work with the
combination of the VM and an image with these changes.

-- Yoshiki

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