[Etoys] Byproduct by the change to camel case wording

korakurider korakurider at yahoo.co.jp
Fri Oct 12 08:13:44 EDT 2007

--- Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de> wrote:
> Ah, that's true. Well, it should only take exporting
> and reimporting  
> all po's once, right? 
   Yes, I confirmed by:
     GetTextExporter2 exportAll.
     GetTextImporter importAll.

   Note that cleaning of PO folder is needed before
executing this to avoid loading unwanted file.  So patch
in update stream needs some confirmation dialog before
actual execution, I think.
> Also, if we already had the runtime-translations
> that would not be an  
> issue anymore.
    Sorry about that.  Stay tuned...


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