[Etoys] "dramabotics": Questions about using Bots Inc for storytelling

Tony Forster forster at ozonline.com.au
Thu Oct 11 03:08:52 EDT 2007

Offray Vladimir Luna Cardenas wrote:

"the idea is to use Bots Inc for storytelling on local folklore. In this 
way, once the basic topics on etoys and Bots Inc were covered, we narrate 
some story where the actors are robots and etoys, making a bridge between 
programming and local folklore"

Having students create computer programs or games based on indigenous 
culture could provide a powerful bridge between two cultures, and "Keep our 
diverse languages and cultural traditions by excelling in education and 
digital technologies" (Pearson) This is discussed at 

Providing millions of OLPC with Etoys to third world countries is a 
dangerous experiment and we are well advised to listen to the elders of 
those ancient cultures:

"Much trouble has come from people forgetting the land, the spirit. Many 
people are sick and have lost their spirit. The white government has cut 
their culture; we grieve for them. But we can all learn and make our spirit 
strong. My teaching is about opening your spirit, working together to build 
understanding. Opening our way, opening our hearts to share the spirit of 
the land with all who want to learn." (Nganyinytja)

Yes using Etoys for telling local folklore is a good idea. There is a large 
amount of learning already taking place using Etoys-like tools. This 
learning is largely unresearched, we should find out more about what is 
working and why and use this to inform the development of Etoys/OLPC


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