[Etoys] DrGeoII for OLPC

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Mon Oct 8 05:58:27 EDT 2007

Having the DrGeo code in the image is indeed an option. But, we  
cannot do this for each and every Squeak-based activity - there are  
too many interesting additions to include them all, and people will  
surely continue to create new ones. So installing some additional  
package for Etoys should be simple - and both Hilaire's SAR and  
Stef's PR downloads work fine for a one-time use, but do not work yet  
with the Journal. I was hoping that someone would come up with a way  
to make this work, and also hopefully a really efficient one.

- Bert -

On Oct 8, 2007, at 9:48 , Hilaire Fernandes wrote:

> As I understand the problem raised by Bert, the concern is when the
> user saves the activity.  The DrGeo code is not linked with the
> activity, and even if we can manage to load it, each time the user
> opens an activity with DrGeo geometric sketch it will have to wait for
> the 2.5 min Bert mentioned. Of course if the DrGeo code is permanently
> in the Squeak image, it is not a concern any more.
> Hilaire
> 2007/10/8, Walter Bender <walter.bender at gmail.com>:
>> I didn'f find the load time particularly onerous. The performance  
>> on the XO
>> is perfectly adequate. And the program is of course great fun!!
>> -walter
>> On 10/7/07, Hilaire Fernandes <hilaire at ofset.org> wrote:
>>> I am please to announce a ready to use version of DrGeoII for  
>>> Squeak OLPC.
>>> Thanks to the help of Spanish Squeaker José Rodríguez, we have  
>>> build a
>>> SAR archive containing localization in English, French & Spanish.
>>> ftp://ftp.ofset.org/squeak/drgeo/
>>> To install DrGeoII, you just need to download the DrGeoII.sar file
>>> from the previous location and drag and drop it in the image, then
>>> chose "install drgeoII.sar" from the popup menu. If unsure,  
>>> review the
>>> videos coming along the DrGeoII.sar file.
>>> For recall, DrGeoII is an interactive geometry framework, Morphic
>>> based and Smalltalk programmed, which can be embedded and mixed with
>>> any existing Morph user interface element of the Squeak OLPC
>>> environment.
>>> As the confusion between interactive geometry and vector drawing is
>>> very common, I have produced a few video recording exposing the
>>> installation and the use of the framework. Moreover the videos show
>>> how the Morph UI gives freedom to mix in a constructive manner  
>>> various
>>> unrelated Morph components (user interface construction, user
>>> interface scripting between different unrelated components).
>>> Let's revitalize the Squeak/Smalltalk/Morph jewels for the  
>>> development
>>> of educative application...
>>> Hilaire
>>> --
>>> http://blog.ofset.org/hilaire
>>> Smalltalkers do: [:it | All with: Class, (And love: it)]

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