[Etoys] DrGeoII for OLPC

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at ofset.org
Sun Oct 7 10:55:37 EDT 2007

I am please to announce a ready to use version of DrGeoII for Squeak OLPC.
Thanks to the help of Spanish Squeaker José Rodríguez, we have build a
SAR archive containing localization in English, French & Spanish.


To install DrGeoII, you just need to download the DrGeoII.sar file
from the previous location and drag and drop it in the image, then
chose "install drgeoII.sar" from the popup menu. If unsure, review the
videos coming along the DrGeoII.sar file.

For recall, DrGeoII is an interactive geometry framework, Morphic
based and Smalltalk programmed, which can be embedded and mixed with
any existing Morph user interface element of the Squeak OLPC

As the confusion between interactive geometry and vector drawing is
very common, I have produced a few video recording exposing the
installation and the use of the framework. Moreover the videos show
how the Morph UI gives freedom to mix in a constructive manner various
unrelated Morph components (user interface construction, user
interface scripting between different unrelated components).

Let's revitalize the Squeak/Smalltalk/Morph jewels for the development
of educative application...


Smalltalkers do: [:it | All with: Class, (And love: it)]

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