[Etoys] video tutorials on squeak etoys

Timothy Falconer timothy at immuexa.com
Sat Oct 6 14:03:28 EDT 2007

As several have pointed out, the second video lost sound halfway  
through.   I've reshot it using new settings.  I'm also sticking with  
Quicktime instead of Flash Video.

Let me know if the larger file is takes too long.  Depending on your  
connection, you may have wait a bit before it starts playing.

On Oct 6, 2007, at 7:16 AM, Bert Freudenberg wrote:

> On Oct 6, 2007, at 8:55 , Timothy Falconer wrote:
>> I've just posted my first two screencast tutorials on Squeak Etoys:
>> http://waveplace.com/movies
>> The first movie discusses how to install Squeak Etoys and the  
>> latest OLPC Etoys image on your computer (particularly if you own  
>> a Mac).  The next shows Etoys in action for about fifteen  
>> minutes.  If you listen closely at the end, you may figure out why  
>> I ended the movie so abrubtly :)
> Excellent, thanks! This is very useful.
>> My next screencast will be on Tuesday.  Let me know if you were  
>> able to view these movies.  I used two different approaches to  
>> encoding the video, so I'm interested to see how others fare on  
>> different systems before I make new ones.
> Both worked fine on my Mac, but the second one stopped at 7:56. I  
> can skip forward a few seconds and then it plays again, but audio  
> is lost.
> - Bert -

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