[Etoys] squeak bump #2 ... where did my work go?!?

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Thu Oct 4 23:26:47 EDT 2007

  Hi, Tim,

> Okay, I understand the XO Journal thing better (though I might not  
> personally agree with it :)

  Current implementation is missing some important features and hard
to use.  The fundamental idea can be great, I think.  (Alan mentioned
that Engelbert's NLS had the idea, too.)  Hierarachical file system is
some implementation detail to be hidden and being able to keep all
versions (which is missing from current Journal) would be great.

> This still begs the question ... how does the non-XO world open a  
> project.   Dragging and dropping from the file system means that  
> people need to know how to find their files :)

> Is it possible to show a "load" menu icon when the image is being run  
> on a non-XO?

  Yes, this is the idea.  on a non-XO environment, we will show
conventional file dialog.  If you trace back the code for a few month,
you'll see that we used to show "conventional" (though redesigned)
file dialog.

-- Yoshiki

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