[Etoys] squeak bump #2 ... where did my work go?!?

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Oct 4 16:27:22 EDT 2007

On Oct 4, 2007, at 20:06 , Timothy Falconer wrote:

> On an XO with the latest build,
> Whenever I click either of the right buttons at top ( "Keep a current
> project" or "Stop and Quit Etoys"), I get the graph paper effect and
> the jumping jacks "saving" effect, both of which indicate that
> something is saving.
> My assumption is that the former saves the current project and the
> latter saves the image.

Not at all. But you need to understand that there are no files in  
Sugar. Instead, you "keep" activity instances in the Journal. So the  
concept of save and load does not exist.

You launch an instance of an activity such as Etoys, and you can stop  
it, which saves a snapshot in the Journal, which you can resume  
later. All the activities you did are recorded in the Journal. Also,  
you can take an additional snapshot of the activity using the "keep"  
button, which gets you a second entry in the journal so you can keep  
a specific state of your work explicitely.

> Neither are true, or so it seems ... when I reload Etoys, the image
> hasn't changed, and there's no apparent way to load a project.

When you launch Etoys from the frame, it runs a fresh "instance". If  
you want to resume a previous "instance", do so from the Journal.

> So squeak bump #2 is "where did my work go?!?"

To the Journal.

> While on the subject, it's a bit of a pain to always save when you
> quit, even if you did nothing new.

Agreed. But the Sugar design relies on it. And once versioning is  
implemented for the Journal this may even become usable - at least  
that's what the Sugar UI designer assumes.

- Bert -

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