[Etoys] Sorting gettext PO files (Re: Fwd: MO reader)

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Wed Oct 3 01:04:36 EDT 2007


Sorting po files have almost done. So I think I will reconstruct
po files on Thursday. I hope I will change svn and the launchpad
site around 4th 18:00 -0800(PST). But actually, I still can't
estimate how it is complicated, so it could be late.

- Takashi

Takashi Yamamiya wrote:
> Thanks Bert,
> To translators:
> Before I change the structure of gettext files (maybe nothing happens
> for a while though,) I will notice about it to this email list,
> then merge all translation files in launchpad and trac, and export
> them again. I think we don't lose any translation,
> so please continue to translate whatever this discussion goes.

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