[Etoys] Squeak VM status concerning language encodings

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Thu Nov 29 14:11:27 EST 2007


> Can you sketch how to import unicode text into Squeak? Should it be OK
> to copy&paste from e.g. Firefox on OSX or Windows?

  With little support, you can definitely "import" text into Squeak
via clipboard, file IO, or keyboard input.

  However, displaying the text is another story.  I did an experiment
with Pango to render text from Squeak and it works somewhat...  But it
is yet to be tested more (and I always missed the chance to push it
because we are always in the middle of preparing stuff for the next
deadline and making it unstable feels so evil).

  The text renderer currently we are using is written in Squeak.  The
theory is that everybody can modify it, but so far nobody tried to add
complex script shaping handling.  Relying on an external library like
Pango is the second best and realistic solution.

-- Yoshiki

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