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Thu Nov 29 08:48:39 EST 2007


I saw Kim said about Squeakpolis.
I have just uploaded this:
very similar, it could be useful.

And that is (tak 12/26/2004 12:10 · private):

        checkSpanishPhrase: phraseString translation: translationString 
        "check the translation an aswer a string with a comment or a 
        nil meaning no-comments"
        | superResult |
        superResult := self checkPhrase: phraseString translation:
        superResult isNil
        ifFalse: [^ superResult].
        "For some reason, MCInstaller couldn't read Spanish
        character. "
        "((translationString withBlanksTrimmed includes: $?)
        and: [(translationString withBlanksTrimmed includes: $é…)
        not]) ifTrue: [^ 'é…OlvidƧ el signo de pregunta?'].
        ((translationString withBlanksTrimmed includes: $!)
        and: [(translationString withBlanksTrimmed includes: $éÄ)
        not]) ifTrue: [^ 'é…OlvidƧ el signo de admiraciƧn?']
        ^ nil

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> Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 16:28:59 -0800
> From: Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki en vpri.org>
> Subject: [Etoys] LanguageEditor>>checkSpanishPhrase:translation:
> To: "etoys en lists.laptop.org" <etoys en lists.laptop.org>
> Message-ID: <umysxopx0.wl%yoshiki en vpri.org>
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>   Hello Spanish speaking Etoys developers,
>   It appears that some methods with latin1 characters got messed up
> over the years (possibly when going through Monticello, for some
> instances).  Most of them I can fix, but there is one method I'd like
> to get some suggestions from Spanish speaking people.
>   Please take a look at
> LanguageEditor>>checkSpanishPhrase:translation:.  Can anybody edit the
> method to make it look ok?  Seemingly it was trying to warn the
> LanguageEditor user when a phrase doesn't have a matching ? and
> inverted ?, or ! and inverted !.
>   As you see, it is in a comment and not used (and will not be used)
> anymore so there is no real reason to fix it, but I thought it is nice
> anyway.
>   Thank you!
> -- Yoshiki
> P.S.
>   I looked at a Smallland image based on 3.8, but I don't have the
> .changes for the image.  So I cannot see comments...
> P.P.S.
>   Now small-land.org seems to be grabbed.  What is the best place now?

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