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Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Mon Nov 26 21:53:34 EST 2007

  That is not solely obvious, for sure.

  If you look at the Gallery project in the Etoys image, you see
thumbnails of projects.  They hare actually hand-edited (i.e., I
opened the inspector for them) and #constructorSelector of DiskProxy
is changed to '#namedExample:'.  Upon loading,
DiskProxy>>enter:revert:saveForRevert: is called and the actual
project is brought in (via #fromExampleEtoys:).  One below from that
choice, another choice #namedUrl: is there to fetch a project from an
HTTP server.

  The way you created the thumbnails are almost right.  You can load
the root project, and hand-edit the thumbnails' DiskProxy (its
selectors and arguments) and save the image again.

  For the back end, SuperSwiki2 should work without changing the image
side, or simply setting up a WebDAV folder would work.  Adding a new
server to the image is a bit tricky... I'm happy to write a little
how-to if you need it.  (Well, because you can hack, I'm not giving
away all secrets^^;)

-- Yoshiki

At Sun, 25 Nov 2007 19:44:14 +0545,
Luke Gorrie wrote:
> Howdy!
> I'd like some tips on how to develop a collection of linked Squeak
> projects, much like the standard ones distributed with the XO image.
> Here're my imagined "use cases":
> * Create a new Squeak project, name it, save it into a common
> repository (directory, svn, ...)
> * Open an existing project, change it, save it back to the repository
> with exactly the same name (but a new revision in a local folder e.g.
> Squeaklets).
> * Drag'n'drop project X into project Y (I'll see a thumbnail of X as a
> ProjectViewMorph) and then save project Y. Later open a fresh image,
> load project Y, click on the thumbnail -- successfully have project X
> loaded from disk (preferably looking in a location relative to the
> parent project Y or the image).
> Overall I'd like to have a directory structure something like:
> Activities/
>   MainMenu.pr
>   Math/
>     MathMenu.pr
>     Adding.pr
>     Subtracting.pr
>   English/
>     EnglishMenu.pr
>     Vocabulary.pr
>     Pronunciation.pr
> Does this sound reasonable? Can someone please spell out in painful
> detail how it's done?
> I'm trying to assemble a bunch of projects into a consistent menu tree
> -- basically to rebuild our old E-paati from a collection of separate
> project files instead of loading all the projects into the image.
> I've spent most of the weekend studying, hacking, unhacking,
> rehacking, unhacking, etc
> Project/ProjectViewMorph/DiskProxy/ProjectLoading and I'm not ashamed
> to say that I need help. :-)
> Cheers!
> -Luke
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