[Etoys] some first impressions

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Wed Nov 21 02:40:57 EST 2007

  Because somehow this email arrived to may inbox three months
later,^^;, it is a good time to write a reminder.

> 1) eToys:
> It would be very nice to have support for Analog Input in eToys.

  For a month or so, Etoys has a support for Analog Input, in a sense
that it can basically do what amixer does.

  Etoys has been supporting audio input and various ways to analyze
it.  For example, if you launch Etoys, go to the treasure box, bring
Object Catalog out, go to "Multimedia" category, and bring up
"SpectrumAnalyzer".  By talkin, whistling, etc. you can see what it
does.  It has different kinds of display, etc.

  However, the current SpectrumAnalyzer was written more or less for a
demo, and not really up to the real use.  As I summarized at:


  Combined with the underlying facility for analog input in Etoys,
kids could write their own programs by using the input data to analyze
it and play with it.  Also, we could show the same data in different
representations, such as time domain and frequency domain, at the same
time side by side, so that a wave can be viewed in various ways.

  I asked Arjun while ago if he would have time to try to enhance
SpectrumAnalyzer in Etoys.  He said after polishing up Measure for
these deadlines, he wants to give it a shot (I still think he is the
ideal person).  However, if others on the list have ideas and time and
desire, please think about enhancing SpectrumAnalyzer (or write a
better one).

  Thank you!

-- Yoshiki
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