[Etoys] A "Clock" project in Etoys

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Fri Nov 16 13:54:21 EST 2007

> >   http://dev.laptop.org/~yoshiki/etoys/Clock.004.pr
> >
> >   One way or another, please load it onto Etoys (on a non-XO
> > environment, drag-and-drop from Finder or Explorer.  On XO, access the
> > URL with browse, copy it to a USB memory and resume it from Journal,
> Ugh, is downloading and resuming projects directly broken again? This  
> used to work fine.

  Yup.  Testing this kind of use case was another purpose of this

  Just clicking on the link in Browse doesn't seem to do anything
except saying "download complete".

  On the Joyride build at some point yesterday, I can drag the link
from Browse to the Frame, choose "Add to Journal" in the menu that
pops up when I do mouse-over on the icon, go to Journal, and resume
the entry.  Obscure, to say the least.

-- Yoshiki

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