[Etoys] [Olpc-open] squeaky tales and waveplace vision

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Thu Nov 15 14:23:48 EST 2007


> >   I might be missing what you're explaining around 7 minutes, but  
> > you *can* put the variable "tot11's turnHolder into the place of  
> > any player-type variable (such as the left hand side of "cursor  
> > increase by 1".
> What I couldn't figure out in #19 was "tot11's totHolder's cursor  
> increase by 1"    I knew how, but "cursor" simply didn't appear on  
> the list, I'm guessing because only Player stuff shows there.

  Yes, basically, you have to think backward; first, build a tile looks like:

  whateverHolder's cursor increase by 1

and then grab the variable tile from the viewer of tot11 and drop it
on to "whateverHolder's".  This is one of these nasty issues Etoys

> >   Around 4:30 minutes into the movie, you say something like:
> > "... unless there some good reasons..., you should always use the
> > commands for the same object."  Is that because you are using siblings
> > and have been bitten by the issue?  (I think so.)
> Hmm... I think my point there was to train people to default to using  
> the "self" receiver for each message .... if it's tot11's script, use  
> tot11 as the receiver of everything unless you have a good reason not  
> to, such as tot11 telling some other object what to do.  There are  
> several commands that really don't require the exact right receiver,  
> such as sibling sends and  "clear pen trails", etc.  I'm just making  
> the point that people should train themselves to stay consistent.

  In the context with siblings, yes, it helps.  I was listening it out
of context, and I just thought that "it is not quite right".  But it
is ok.

> >   I have no idea what causes the magnification issue.  So strange.  
> > You have siblings and copies, right?  If so, yes, that could be  
> > hard.  The last issue you have seems to be related to it.
> Yes, the visual stuff in the holder were copies and the active  
> players are siblings.  If the magnification is a by-product of  
> siblings/dupes co-existing, it's a good thing to know.

  I missed it for the first glance.  Yes, look like actually uses the
original size; i.e., if you have:

   A look like: B

and B was originally painted in big size but resized by the yellow
handle, executing this line causes A look like big (original) B.

> One other request  ... a "wait" tile ... with seconds.  Could go in  
> "basic".

  That is tricky.  The Morphic system likes synchronized, co-operative
objects in its  world.

(A version of object system called Tweak has it, just to mention.)

  Luke posted a solution but that looks, err, brute-force^^; A good
practice would be to split such a script in which you would like to
"wait", and call the second part from somewhere else.  (I'm pretty
sure that others have better ideas).

-- Yoshiki

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