[Etoys] First use of OLPC feedback (bugs, suggestions, questions)

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Thu Nov 15 04:41:13 EST 2007

> By the way is nice to have Bots Inc as a project for olpc etoys, but I
> miss the flaps.

Which one the one of BotsInc?
Tell me and I will try to fix that.

> Other thing is that we you load the Bots Inc project
> inside olpc etoys you get the world menu of Bots Inc., which is fine
> inside the Bots Inc project, but no so nice when you get back to the
> original World.

Ok do you mean that I poluted the system and when you exist a botsinc  
and get back to another world I should reinstall the normal menu?

Is there any hook to perform an action on project close?


> Cheers,
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