[Etoys] Getting QuickGuides into your image

Ted Kaehler Ted at SqueakLand.org
Thu Nov 15 02:32:17 EST 2007

	QuickGuides is a flap in Etoys that contains help on many 
topics.  There are 54 Guides, and they were written by Kathleen 
	We have recently changed how the Index Guide works.  It is 
the first guide to show in the flap, and allows you to get to all the 
other Guides.
	You get Guides flap by clicking on the  [?]  icon that is 
left-most in the gray bar across the top of the screen.
	You may get an error window when opening guides.  This email 
tells you how to get the latest guides and avoid the error.

If you get Etoys from the current
then QuickGuides will work fine.  You can stop reading here.

If you have a development image that you are working in, here is how 
to upgrade it.

1) Fetch updates in your image.

2) Mount a folder using webDav:
On a Mac:   the Go menu, Connect to server...
On Windows:  Go to My Network Places, and click on Add Network Place 
at the top  of the left sidebar
On Linux:  (I'm sure you already know how to mount a directory on a server!)

When the folder show up, drag the entire QuickGuides folder to the 
place where you keep your OLPC-Squeak.image.

3) In your web browser, go to      http://tinlizzie.org/olpc/
Right-click on the file  "index.pr"  and choose "Save as..."
Save it in your QuickGuides folder.

Since your own image did not go through the OLPC release process, you 
need to have the extra file "index.pr" in the QuickGuides folder.

Now you can start etoys and click on the [?] help icon.


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