[Etoys] [Olpc-open] squeaky tales and waveplace vision

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Wed Nov 14 23:18:22 EST 2007


  I'm just watching the tales #20.  (I admit that I haven't watched
all of them including #19, but...)

  Around 4:30 minutes into the movie, you say something like:
"... unless there some good reasons..., you should always use the
commands for the same object."  Is that because you are using siblings
and have been bitten by the issue?  (I think so.)

  I might be missing what you're explaining around 7 minutes, but you
*can* put the variable "tot11's turnHolder into the place of any
player-type variable (such as the left hand side of "cursor increase
by 1".

  I have no idea what causes the magnification issue.  So strange.

  You have siblings and copies, right?  If so, yes, that could be
hard.  The last issue you have seems to be related to it.

  Perhaps, I'd add a variable to these guys that holds a number, and
each of them compares the number with page5's timeTicks to figure out
what to do.  In this way, the script may be shorter.

  This is great!  I need to watch them all and see the problems
encountered in real examples!

-- Yoshiki

  I, of course, like these cute characters^^;

At Wed, 14 Nov 2007 00:28:57 -0500,
Timothy Falconer wrote:
> Hi all,
> Today I posted my twentieth Etoys tutorial in the Squeaky Tales  
> series, bringing the total to five hours of ten planned.
> http://waveplace.com/movies/
> Each fifteen-minute screencast forms the basis for an hour of hands- 
> on instruction with a child, with the mentor first presenting the  
> concepts in their own fashion, then leading the class for the  
> remainder of the time. The videos themselves are aimed at the mentor,  
> not the students, though I suspect older students could watch the  
> videos on their own.
> Now half done, I've been spending time on techniques to manage  
> complexity. Just like a real software project, the beginning is fresh  
> with clean white designs, but midway through it's a mangled mess of  
> coalescing code.
> I also posted a 25 minute video of me talking into a camera,  
> explaining the Waveplace vision.
> http://waveplace.com/vision/
> I've had the same conversation about two hundred times in the last  
> six months, so I figured it'd be good to get the rap down on tape.  
> The video breaks down into ten minutes on education, five minutes on  
> the XO, and ten minutes on Waveplace. Let me know if you find it  
> helpful.
> Timothy
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