[Etoys] Key bindings

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Nov 13 11:26:52 EST 2007

The Sugar team seems to have agreed on some more key bindings that  
activities should support:


Anybody up to implementing these?

- Bert -

Begin forwarded message:

> #4863: Keystrokes for Update1
> -------------------- 
> +-------------------------------------------------------
>  This is a summary about (global) sugar keystrokes and what their  
> state is.
>  When putting a relnote ticket together i found a few nitpicks  
> which we
>  might want to think about. So I leave the relnote out for now.
>  alt+enter: toggle full screen mode (does not work in etoys, record  
> does
>  have a separate full screen mode so alt+enter does toggle the  
> toolbox)
>  alt+space: toggle visibility of the tray (fine in browse, record  
> does not
>  connect its tray to the activity base class so that it's state can be
>  toggled, tray of the journal is separate from this functionality  
> as well)
>  ctrl+q: quit the activity
>  ctrl+escape: quit the activity
>  ctrl+u: show source (can be tested in browse)
>  fn+space: show source (seems to be broken again in 261)
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