[Etoys] Emulating stable build in Parallels Desktop on Mac OS X

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Sun Nov 11 17:22:47 EST 2007

I made a disk image of the latest stable build (623 [1]) that works  
for me in Parallels Desktop (build 3124 [2]).

The disk image has enough room (I padded the img to a full 1 GB),  
runs with readable fonts (I patched xorg.conf as suggested in #3681),  
has working sound (I unmuted alsa manually) as well as network access  
(I added a S99parallels init script that simply does "ifup eth0"),  
and etoys uses framebuffer scaling to emulate the XO's native  
1200x900 resolution.

Here it is (200 MB):


- Bert -

[1] This is the stable version according to the wiki, builds 624 and  
625 should behave no different when emulated.

[2] That's the German version of Parallels 2.5, not tested on 3.0,  
though I expect it to work.

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