[Etoys] A Hero for One Laptop Per Child (RE: OLPC mass production started)

Alan Kay alan.kay at vpri.org
Sun Nov 11 10:16:08 EST 2007

I would be very disappointed, even appalled, to see my name as a hero 
here. The notion of a "Hero" seems to be partly built into human 
nervous systems and is a favorite trope in stories. This idea 
seriously distorted and masked how Xerox PARC actually worked, for example.

OLPC has been making progress because quite a few talented people 
decided to take responsibility for different needs of the project. I 
am very proud of the Viewpoints researchers who really got behind 
this because they believed in it.

So there are a lot of heros, if that is the word. I think of it more 
as "there are a lot of enlightened people" and it bodes well for 
humanity when they decide to take action.



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> > Cheers to all!
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> > Alan
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>I searched for "One Laptop Per Child Hero" and expected to see your name or
>To my dismay, Google returned a complete stranger to me, Masi Oka.
>Do you know why OLPC appointed Masi Oka, an actor and special effects
>specialist, as its Global Ambassador to sell its 400US$ "Give One Get One"
>Is the campaign "Give One Get One" the hero's idea?

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