[Etoys] First use of OLPC feedback (bugs, suggestions, questions)

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Sat Nov 10 19:31:35 EST 2007


  Like Bert wrote, please update the system to see a newer version.

> - etoy projects may get in your way: they can stay over the first  
> etoy window and you do not know how to get rid of them.
> of course there is the halos but it feels strange.

  If I understand waht you mean, this is fixed.  Now, on OLPC it is
not easy to see a ProjectViewMorph.

> - when I do load, click on OLPC, get a dialog window, click cancel, I  
> get a primitive fail with a debugger.

  Hmm.  Not sure what it is.

> - Is there any plans to have access to the squeak games: SameCell,  
> tetris and chess.
> Because a chess program would be cool on this machine.

  From the ObjectCatalog, these are relatively easy to access (we took
out Tetris from ObjectCatalog for various reasons, though.)

> I could open the sameGame because I could get access to the menu:
> - the size of the square are a bit too small.

  We didn't bother to improve the look of these games so far.

> - This is a pity that the Squeak classes have so few comments because  
> I'm sure a kid could get alone
> the SameGame new openInWorld but if it would be explained. I think  
> that there is a huge opportunity that such
> a "details" can break.

  Well, until yesterday, our policy was to discard sources and changes
anyway, so there were no comment at all in system browsers.

> - I was wondering why stuff like skipLists are still in this image.  
> I'm sure that we could have a much better contents
> that kids could really explore.

  But, Etoys experience, not Smalltalk programmin, is the primary

  There are quite a few classes we could get rid of, like SkipList,
SmaCC, etc, yes.

> Questions for BotsInc.
> -------------------------
> - I removed all references to the file system but when I play with  
> the simple drawing tool I could save drawing to files.
> So is it possible or not to save files?

  It probably will be to save into a folder.

> - I wanted to load my botsInc project so I put it naively on a USB  
> stick but how can I access it. I could not from a load from the load  
> your
> project list
> - Using the fileList I tried to use usbdev1.2_ep02 and some others  
> but I failed?
> Is there a way?

  If you update your image to, say, build 625, the system should mount
it automatically.  You could still open FileList.

-- Yoshiki

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