[Etoys] ScrollPane woes

Karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Thu Nov 1 08:07:28 EDT 2007

I made a little tutorial a few years ago which I showed how to make a 
SpaceInvader game. I now thought of updating that to the OLPC etoys and 
have a few questions about the presentation. The original tutorial was 
presented in a GeeMailMorph which is a scroll pane with a few added 
features. My first thought was to copy the text over to a scroll pane 
and update the screenshots. But I ran into some issues with the images 
dropped on the scroll pane wheSo there are some big issues with using a 
scroll pane. n I tried to change the text, they did not adjust to a 
larger font style. Text would just go behind the images etc. Also the 
images would not move accordingly to their dropped position if I changed 
paragraphs above, so all images in the the text below would be 
misaligned etc.

Maybe the short solution is to use a BookMorph for my tutorial, but I 
think the ScrollPane issues should be fixed.


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