[Etoys] New Developer Question

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Tue May 29 12:44:33 EDT 2007

  Hi, Shayne,

> I was wondering if I could be provided some contact information of an
> individual involved in the OLPC Etoys development process.

  The individuals involved are ... us!  But I happen to be a member of
the core team among others.

> I am a computer science graduate student at the University of Illinois
> at Urbana-Champaign, and for my class project in OO Programming and
> Design I would like to contribute to the OLPC project by developing an
> educational game using the OLPC Etoys image provided in Method 1
> <http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Etoys>.
> I would like to discuss the process of integrating the final game into
> the OLPC squeak image.

  The image is a monolithic thing that is loaded onto the DRAM
whenever you launch the Etoys activity, so if we can sort of keep it
slim without losing functionality, that would be better.  Can you
think of your game be one of the "ExampleEtoys" projects?  Each of
these projects is on the disk (or somewhere on the network) as a
separated file, and loaded when the user select it from the file
dialog.  That might be a good match for what you would like to do.

  If there are more than one games (from anybody), we could surely
create a directory for them (especially these games are
"educational"^^;).  If it is appropriate, can you elaborate about the
game a bit?  (If you would like to send it privately, I can surely
discuss it with other team members, but if it is ok, this list would
be better to get more feedback from extended community.)

-- Yoshiki

  Are you working with Ralph Johnson?

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