[Etoys] Etoys scripting examination

Kazuhiro ABE abee at squeakland.jp
Wed May 9 12:06:00 EDT 2007


I made a project called "EtoysExam" for OLPC Etoys.


This project is based on the idea of MIiyasaka-san's works.

(in Japanese)

Sometimes teacher needs to know kids really understand scripting or
not. Tile scripting is too easy to make a wonderful project. There are
many projects that look like complex and interesting motions. But some
author  cannot explain how it works. They say, "It just happened." In
this case, it is difficult to lead the class to the real science and
real math. I think EtoyExam is useful.

Please give me your comments and suggestions.

Best regards,
Kazuhiro Abe

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