[Etoys] A few issues and suggestions regarding the etoys image

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Wed May 2 03:01:34 EDT 2007


  Thank you for these reports!

> I noticed that the halomenu for BookMorph still offers sendPagesToServer.

  Yes.  That should be cleaned.

> There is no easy way to get a text widget with a scrollbar.

  Hmm.  It could be a slot in the 'text' category.

> There is inconsistency and unneeded complexity to the ways morphs are 
> picked up.
> -Some places you have to click and drag to get a morph (Objects tool, 
> Supplies flap)
> -Some places you get the morph on mouseDown (desktop, tiles in the viewer)
> -Some places you get a morph on mouseUp (TestTileButton in 
> ScriptEditorMorph, desktop, some tiles in the viewer)

  The button fro grabbing TestTile is changed and I personally like
the previous behavior (mouse down to get the tile).  The need for
really drag-out from parts bin is tricky.  I'd say we fix it.

  With these changes, it would be a bit more consistent.

> Also sometimes the the hand morph is positioned to the top left corner 
> of the script tile morph, sometimes not.

  This is intended behavior.  For "the first time" it is instanciated,
the newly created guys trys to reposition itself.

-- Yoshiki

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