[Etoys] Translation eToys image

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Mon Mar 12 15:51:15 EDT 2007


> I think that human translation is needed also, but would be nice to have 
> some support in Etoys for extracting, for example, all the text chains 
> in a project and putting in the metadata of the project, things like 
> language. The we may use something like po4a [1] for coordination of 
> translated content.

  Yes.  As Michael (Rueger) reminded us while ago, we have a mechanism
called TranSqueak to identity a way to find strings in a project.
This can be a start for current version, and later (future) systems,
we can add better mechanism (for example, it really keeps track of the
user created data in a project)

> Another issue is the screen resolution. We have worked in some demo of 
> the Bookmorph with the creation of local fables [2] and they where 
> worked in desktop PC's using Small-land image from the Extremadura 
> project. Working with the OLPC image in bigger resolution screens is 
> uncomfortable, because of the relative size of all the things (which 
> makes sense in a little screen like the OLPC one), so ¿how can we made 
> the material authored in a image available in others, even with 
> different screen size and resolutions?

  Yeah, this is a problem.  Again in the future systems, it should use
scalable graphics but at this point, we need to know what it means to
use the different screen sizes to author content.

> Something for defining relative 
> screen size of the objects or separation of presentation from content 
> would be nice. May be this is even difficult because things created in a 
> image (say Extremadura's Small-land) are incompatible with things 
> created in others (say Squeakland) even with the same screen resolution, 
> but Etoys OLPC can be a good opportunity for putting to talk different  
> Squeak Images in particular and in general the "old" world of desktop 
> impersonal computer labs and the vision of personal computer media.

  One thing is that you need to use the OLPC image to be compatible
with no matter what screen size you use.  Again, we are making a way
to extract the content data from a project and "normalize" it as a
text file.  Once this is in good shape, it will be a bit easier to
move content around.

> Ps 1: Few days ago two XO machines arrived from customs office to the 
> house of the lead of the project here in Colombia... I'm eager to put my 
> hands on one of them and test Etoys there... these are exiting times
> :-)

  Great!  And thank you for the suggestions!

-- Yoshiki

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