[Etoys] Interactive Story Telling and Etoys

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co
Mon Mar 12 09:40:43 EDT 2007

Hi all,

First a little of background:

It seems that these days, most movement on education and Squeak is 
happening at this list :). Squeakland has been quiet for a while and 
Extremadura Small-land uses Yahoo Groups and not community owned 
infrastructure for communication (I have not a YahooID and I don't want 
to be forced to have one to belong to a community list).

I was using Small-land Extremadura's image of Squeak for my initial 
classes and courses because of the documentation available in Spanish 
for my students. But seeing the traffic on the lists, the potential 
impact of OLPC in education and the continuous development of this image 
over say Squeakland or Small-land, I'm planning to use OLPC etoys image 
for my courses and classes at least at the beginning (before using the 
excelent BotsInc image from Stephanne Ducasse).

I'm planning also to use this image in Schools with computer labs where 
children can develop content for the OLPC even if our government still 
has not commitment officially with the project.

So here come the questions:

 * I have attached a small sketch of a book. It's a story from one of 
the most famous Colombian poets and author of a long list of children 
stories. It was originally sketched on Extremadura image, but now I want 
to change the layout of graphical elements for the etoys image (with 
lower resolutions ballon text overlaps images all the time).

   - ¿It's possible to say where the help balloons are going to be 
located?, ¿can they be made semitransparent and control the level of 
   - ¿Any pointer to documentation of how can I made a drawing follow 
some invisible path on another drawing?

 * ¿There is any plan of unification/feedback for this work with the 
Squeak-land, Small-land images? Would be nice to have a active developed 
image that can be used on different kind of machines, from OLPC to 
Desktops with different size resolutions and content that can be adapted 
visually to them, without much redoing.

I will try to test the project on the prototype of the physical machine 
send to us this week and will see how adapts to the screen.


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