[Etoys] Keyboard handling

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Tue Jun 19 18:59:49 EDT 2007


> >   I think it is a matter of setting #swapControlAndAltKeys preference
> > to true (in cambridge theme), right?  I will publish that change and
> > make up an image with that theme installed.
> Well I guess there will be a lot of other short cuts. Like paste on  
> World is hard-wired to Alt.

  Ah, ok.

> >   And, this is a different question, but what is the best way nowadays
> > to tell that Squeak is running under sugar and XO or on other
> > combinations of platforms?  I'd like to make it so that (as you
> > suggested) the zoom button doesn't appear on XO, and on the other
> > platform, show it with a better explanation.
> We should add
> 	SugarLauncher isSugar
> which would be equivalent to
> 	SugarLauncher current isSugar
> which would return true if either dbus or pipe is non-nil.
> No real way to tell if you're on an XO I think, but what would you  
> need that for?

  So far, I see two things: whether the screen size is 1200x900, and
whether the session is going to be able to get buddys via Sugar.  (So,
detecting whether it is running on the XO hardware is not a real

-- Yoshiki

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