[Etoys] clipboard handling

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Jun 14 13:57:29 EDT 2007

Hi all, and Takashi in particular,

I just got image pasting to work, although in a bit hackish manner:

	drag an image from web activity to sugar frame
	switch to Etoys
	enable "honorDesktopCmdKeys" preference
	press Alt-B, edit DownloadingImageMorph>>url: t1
		url := t1 asUrl.
		[downloadQueue nextPut: url retrieveContents] fork
	click on background, press Alt-V

This only works in latest sugar-jbuild, needs new sugar and web- 

Very cool - thanks Takashi!

Now, there are several problems here:

- we should use ctrl-x/c/v for cut/copy/paste (that's what other  
activities do, no general spec yet)
- this actually pastes an HTML-formatted text
- it also pastes form elements and buttons - perhaps not what we wanted
- an image is a url that is downloaded again. Better to use the image  
downloaded by the browser (text/uri-list)

I just pushed a new rpm (1361), but likely the Sugar and Web activity  
in the build is too old for testing. Btw, the sources now include a  
generated changelog which might come handy sometimes:


- Bert -

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