[Etoys] Latest OLPC EToys image problem...

Chris Petsos chrispetsos at sch.gr
Thu Jun 7 06:24:48 EDT 2007

Hi everyone...
I downloaded the lastest olpc etoys image from 


I also tried on several VMs and i am getting the same error...
To reproduce:

1) Create a new EToy.
2) Throw a Text and a Joystick in the EToy.
3) Add viewers for those to.
4) Associate Text's forward by with Joystick's upDown.
Now it should be working OK...start the script...move joystick up and down and the Text is moving.
5) Now try to edit the code of the script which should be ...
         self forward: Joystick getUpDown
6) And change it.. say to...
         self forward: Joystick getUpDown * 5.
   to make it go faster.
7) Hit accept to save it and boom...
I am getting a "Unknown variable: Joystick" error...
It seems i cannot edit any script.
Note that using the official squeakland.org image this works fine...but we need this for OLPC EToys development.

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