[Etoys] #2535 BLOC Trial-2: Etoys tries to open PNG as project

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Sun Jul 29 17:09:46 EDT 2007

#2535: Etoys tries to open PNG as project
  Reporter:  bert            |       Owner:  bert   
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  Priority:  blocker         |   Milestone:  Trial-2
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Comment (by bert):

 Well, "opening files" doesn't really fit with Sugar philosphically anyway.
 You'ld just start an activity somehow involving that file, right? So etoys
 would not be special in that regard. I agree etoys should not be the
 "default" activity dealing with, e.g., images, if there is more
 appropriate alternative. But offering to start a new etoys project based
 on some media file is reasonable IMHO. At least it makes discovering
 activities more obvious - how else should a kid find out which activities
 support which media?

 And pardon me, but how would opening a PNG in the browser be more
 desirable than opening it in Etoys? In Etoys a kid could at least *do*
 something with it. Like, add annotations. Or sound effects. Or cut out
 parts and make a collage. Have it bounce around on the screen. You know,
 fun, creative stuff, not just dumb watching.

 So given that #2544 is marked fixed, do we still need to disclaim support
 for media types in Etoys?

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