[Etoys] Dear Etoys Translation Volunteers

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Thu Jul 26 16:50:07 EDT 2007


Korakurider and I are working on making translation template now.
There are a lot of tasks, and some might be good to do for other etoys
volunteer developers. So I summarize current status.

To generate gettext files and templates, use 'gettext' menu on
LanguageEditor in the world menu.

If you are curious developer, let's try following instruction.

- download developer's image from

- load code updates.

- Do it
  GetTextExporter2 verifyExport.
  This expression exports example .po files, and imports them back. 

- Change the language to 'dst'.  You will see weird user interface
  e.g. if you show the world menu, the title will be "XWorldX" instead
  of "World". This is a good sign. Both "X" denotes that this word can
  be translated by gettext files.

- If you find a word lacking "X" in the user interface, let's fix it.

To fix the issue.  You need to modify the source code. Basic idea is
same as gettext. But instead of gettext() and gettext_noop(), we use
#translated and #translatedNoop. Almost simple cases have been
finished, so maybe you need to try the case of #translatedNoop.

'Hello' translated.
# 'Hello' will be registered to the template, and translated in same place.

'Hello' translatedNoop.
# 'Hello' will be registered to the template, but it isn't translated now.
# This method is necessary because sometimes the original keyword is needed.

When you make a good change set. Please post the file to
https://dev.laptop.org/ticket/2133 or this list or my email address.

If you like statistics, this program shows interesting numbers to the

GetTextExporter2 coverageStatus.

# Abe-san have already volunteered to fix balloon helps in flaps.

- Takashi

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