[Etoys] Saving an Etoys project in OLPC

Shayne Czyzewski thelastemail at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 12:48:04 EDT 2007


I recently posted a question about integrating an educational game I
was creating into the OLPC image. I have created the game in the
standard Squeak 3.9 image using standard Morphic calls.

To load my code into the OLPC image, I opened the image, and dragged
my .mcz file onto the interface, and selected 'Load'. I then opened a
Workspace, opened my View by executing a command to start the game,
and was able to play.

Next, I attempted to save my project so it could be distributed to
other OLPC images. I saved the project, but when I closed and
re-opened the OLPC image, something strange happened. My project was
still visible from the 'Gallery of Projects', but when I selected it
to load it complained that it could not find a class that was in my
game. It seems that the code is not exported with the project, nor
stored in the image.

I am pretty new to creating .pr files. Is there a way I can store the
code associated with my game into its project file? Or, should I be
going about this in a completely different manner?

Very rough but playable implemenation can be found for those interested at:
http://www.squeaksource.com/UIUC4OLPC, Peg Game Version 6

Thanks in advance,


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