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  ChangeLog        |   93 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 
  Content.revision |    2 +-
  NEWS             |   30 +++++++++++++++++
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commit 84822ee4fc206a03515483b270f7643a3d13cb5c
Author: Bert Freudenberg <bert at freudenbergs.de>
Date:   Fri Jul 13 23:06:28 2007 +0200

     Fixes for 2086, 2091, and others
     - fix alternate image logic (yo)
     - 1451ownerBuddy-bf: Treat owner buddy specially: do not show in
       peer list, use  its nick as authorName (fixes #2091)
     - 1450TransExport2-KR: merge duplicate msgid entry on export, and
       show each occurence as header for msg id
     - 1449WanderingLetters-tk
     - 1448MouseOverHalosFix-tak: Fixed bug that mouse over halos need
       a double click (#2086)
     - 1447supressViewerNotice-yo: In non eToyFriendly mode, building
       viewer progress bar is suppressed.  (Also, #translated is added.)
     - 1446disablePutInWindow-yo: In eToyFriendly mode, disable put in
       a window feature.
     - 1445SugarNav11-yo: Replace quit button with stop button.
     - 1444CatalogEntriesJul12-yo: Adjust some labels in object catalog.
     - 1443RemoveAtomicGame: Remove AtomicGame from the system.
     - 1442TransExport1-KR: Collect translated literals and extract them
       to gettext POT (prototype attempt).
     - 1441ExClipboardMorphic4-tak: Better behavior in Sugar  
       Fixed a bug that it happens to be copied 3 times to Sugar frame.
       Fixed a bug not to work dragging out on Sugar.
     - 1440HonorCursorChange-yo: biggerCursor preference change informes
       HandMorph and reinitializes the class var.
     - 1439rotatedBareTileOops-sw.cs: Fixes a glitch that caused the  
       when grabbing a bare tile to appear again.

D    Content/Gallery.012.pr
D    Content/Launcher.012.pr
D    Content/ExampleEtoys/EtoysChallenge.011.pr
A    Content/ExampleEtoys/EtoysChallenge.013.pr
A    Content/Gallery.013.pr
A    Content/Launcher.014.pr
U    Content/etoys.image
Updated to revision 26.

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