[Etoys] ODECo on OLPC

Takashi Yamamiya tak at metatoys.org
Fri Jul 6 14:54:05 EDT 2007


A few notes for OLPC etoys users.

These examples included ODECo-OLPC-2007-07-05.zip causes an error when
you set "Scaled Virtual Extent" mode. That's why those examples were
made on old image. If you save the project again, it should work.

If you want to load the ODECo feature into a plain OLPC image, try
this change set (it is same as ODE-Base-tak.39.mcz)


- Takashi

> http://propella.blogspot.com/2007/07/odeco-on-olpc.html (screen shot)
> ODECo http://languagegame.org:8080/ggame/15 is an easy tool kit for
> making dynamics simulation based on ODE http://www.ode.org. It was
> developed for Squeak 3.6 in 2004 though. Now I did small fix to work
> on OLPC etoys and Squeak3.9 for linux (I've tested it on Fedora 7).
> How to Play:
> - Download and extract the image.
> - Install the plugin.
> (for OLPC, you need to copy ODEPlugin to /usr/lib/squeak/3.9-11/)
> - Open the image. And try examples.
> Download: (image + examples + plugins for linux, windows, mac)
> http://languagegame.org/pub/ODECo-OLPC-2007-07-05.zip
> Source Code:
> http://squeaksource.com/ODE/ODE-Plugin-tak.2.mcz
> http://squeaksource.com/ODE/ODE-Base-tak.39.mcz
> Website:
> http://www.languagegame.org:8080/ggame/15

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