[Etoys] Loading SqueakLand project in olpc-image

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Mon Jul 2 01:21:33 EDT 2007


> OLPC image looks great with new tiles as Repeat and mathematical functions.
> Loading Squeakland project in olpc-image works great, even the French
> accent are getting through (For example this example
> http://superswiki.ofset.org:8000/super.46 from Pierre-André).

  Thank you for testing!

> However after loading the specific layout of OLPC image is lost and
> the Squeakland specific layout with flap prevail. It will be nice if
> it could be preserved as could reuse material

  Do you mean that you would like to see the OLPC flaps show in the
project from an older iamge?  Right now, what you could do is to
destroy all global flaps from 'flaps...' menu, and install the 'etoys
flaps' from the same manu.

  It was long thought that the configuration of global flaps is sort
of project-specific.  A user would like to configure/suppress a global
flap in a particular project and publish.  And when somebody loads the
project, that configuration shows up.  If this is a good thing, then
changing flaps has to be done manually in the way above.

-- Yoshiki

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