[Etoys] Problems loading project in the jun2007 etoys image

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co
Sun Jul 1 22:27:42 EDT 2007

Hi all,

First thanks for all the work in the last image I liked a lot the 
scaling screen feature and is nice to see how a requested feature goes 
to the development. (I'm having problems going back from scaled image to 
the default screen factor but anyway I will not be using the original 
one on non OLPC machines).

I have two questions:

* ¿How can I load, save projects? Is not working as in other images. If 
I try to see the contents on ExampleEtoys is empty and trying to save on 
OLPC web folder ask for a password and user.

* Some friends are working on a content and they need to simulate the 
effects of gravity on the flux of particles. I remember some Diego Gomez 
Deck post about a simulation of gas particles, and we try to explore the 
bouncing atoms, but we need that the particles can flow across two 
recipients. Any idea about how to make this?



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